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We shoot professional and "prefessional" athletes!

It's all about EXPOSURE - Your EXPOSURE!

 And we deliver like no one else can!

Seriously, good photos and good videos involve a lot of variables, and proper exposure is one of them. But let's talk about YOUR exposure and how we can help you achieve that. Quite simply, we run the most viewed YouTube bodybuilding channel in the world. The numbers for other bodybuilding channels are not even close. We jumped on board with YouTube in 2006 when many other bodybuilding websites regarded YouTube as a clever novelty. And since posting our first clip on YouTube, we haven't looked back. Our branded YouTube channel, tobydog22 (OK, so I named it after my favorite pet) has 1,300+ active clips with an AMAZING number of total clip views. So by shooting with us, you'll be on the number one YouTube bodybuilding channel in the world. How amazing are our numbers?

We have more than 1,300 original clips on our channel

Our channel has a total of more than 546 million clip views

OK, more about what we do...

How much does a shoot cost?

If we contact you, we pay $40 for a 45 minute shoot. Other options may be available.

If that sounds interesting, get in touch and we will explain how it works.

Contact us about a possible photo/video shoot
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*** We travel extensively every year and shoot tens of thousands of photos and hundreds of hours of video footage of male bodybuilders and physique models.

*** We work with clients ranging from teenage national champions to seasoned pros affiliated with the IFBB, NPC, NGA, Musclemania, FAME, and other organizations.

*** We look for new talent and, unlike some so-called "professional" physique photographers, this is our ONLY business.

*** If we pay you we compensate you the day of the shoot. No waiting for checks that never come.

*** We use a clear and simple release form. No "legalese" or giving up your first-born child.

*** We treat our cleints as professionals whether or not they have attained that "official" status.

*** We refrain from shooting photos or video footage that would be considered vulgar, embarrassing, or pornographic, because someday you might want to be a governor, a minister, a teacher, a doctor, or Mr. Olympia. No nudity, silly props, funky underwear, distasteful language or phony names. If you want to make a lot of money doing questionable shoots and damage your reputation, there are plenty of photographers who can accommodate you.

*** We endeavor to creatively shoot each model so he looks his best.

*** We specialize in outdoor photography, gym workout videos, and backstage videos, but we can and sometimes do shoots in other venues or situations.

*** In some situations we shoot entire DVDs of highly marketable individuals (such as Johnnie Jackson and David Henry) who then market and sell those DVDs on their own. (We run clips from the DVD and help promote their DVD sales.)

Check our tentative shooting schedule below. Please note that his schedule is subject to change and will be updated accordingly. If you will be in, at or near one of the listed events, in shootable shape, and are interested in a shoot, let us know and send us some recent photos. Sometimes we will schedule a shoot in advance of a competition, and other times we will schedule shoots after the competitor weigh-ins. Or, if you are interested in a shoot but won't be crossing paths with us, check with us anyway. Email us at joe@mostmuscular.com to discuss scheduling a photo or video shoot.

Finally, we don't send photos to magazines unless a client specifically asks that we do so. Any payment from a magazine for use of the photos goes to you, the model, not to us. For example, 11 photos we shot were published in the July 2006 edition of MUSCLEMAG, including two full-page photos. (Pages 135-141 and 261). There's also a 12-page article we wrote in the November 2005 edition of IRONMAN. (Pages 142-157). Other photos we've shot have been widely used in the major bodybuilding magazines as advertisements for products endorsed by individual bodybuilders. We also authored a seven-page article in the online publication www.posedownmag.com (Sept. 2009 edition) under the pseudonym Ray Joseph.

To view a copy of our simplified release form, CLICK HERE.

Our tentative schedule of events we will consider attending is below.
We also do frequent shoots in the Dallas - Fort Worth area of north Texas.
Tentative items are marked with asterisks*** and are subject to change

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January 2015
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February 2015
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March 2015
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April 2015
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May 2015
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June 2015
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July 2015
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August 2015
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September 2015
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October 2015
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November 2015
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December 2015
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