announces a partnership to promote a brand new DVD featuring TV celebrities
Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz
Pro wrestler and Big Brother star, and
Fan Favorite Actor Austin Peck
From Days of Our Lives, One Life to Live, and As The World Turns



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Losing weight and getting in shape has never been so much fun!!

Daytime meets primetime in this unique, action-packed, fun-filled,informative, and motivational  new Workout DVD that brings together two of the most popular stars on television to reveal their exclusive secrets on how they manage to stay in tip-top shape year-round for their millions of loyal fans around the world…and how you can too.

International Bodybuilding & Pro Wrestling Phenom, Mr. PEC-Tacular Jessie Godderz, from CBS’ Big Brother and SPIKE TV’s IMPACT Wrestling, has joined forces with NBC Days Of Our Lives, CBS As The World Turns and ABC One Life To Live Fan Favorite Austin Peck to create the most revolutionary and entertaining Workout DVD on the market today!

Specifically designed for everyone from the Beginner to the Advanced Athlete, this nearly 2 hour Workout DVD is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to learn how to lose weight (and keep it off!), improve their energy, and simply live an overall healthier lifestyle.

During the course of this extremely exciting new DVD, Jessie & Austin lead you through a complete and easy-to-follow core training workout that you just have to see to believe!

Jessie takes charge in the first part when he reveals his top-secret Arm & Chest Workout that he used to sculpt his world-class physique and become The Youngest Natural Pro Bodybuilder in the USA by the age of 20.

From Bench-Pressing to Dips to Barbell Curls, Jessie shows everyone how to substantially increase your overall strength, while also dramatically improving your physique, just by performing simple exercises that can easily be done in the gym either alone or with a partner.

Austin then takes over for an intense, bootcamp-style cardio workout that’s designed to help you build energy, increase stamina, and most importantly, lose weight!

Even if you’ve never worked out before, following Jessie & Austin through this user-friendly DVD may help you dramatically increase your strength, endurance and energy, while making your whole body tremendously more physically fit.

In addition, as a very special DVD Extra, Jessie will show the world that he really does indeed have nearly 20” Biceps (that he has aptly named “Continuously” & “Awesome”) when he takes out a tape measure and actually measures one of his arms up-close for all of the fans to see!

The Mr. PEC-Tacular Workout DVD is very proud to be sponsored by AquaHydrate and also by GENr8’s Vitargo S2 Sports Fueling & Recovery Drink.

Jessie adds, “After years of being asked for my fitness secrets from thousands of adults and kids nationwide, it’s truly an honor and a privilege to launch the inaugural edition of my brand new Workout DVD series to help everyone learn how to lose weight safely, gain energy, and improve your overall health and well-being, naturally. It’s worked for me and I know it can work for you too!”

Austin agrees, “This Workout DVD may be the answer to the prayers of anyone who has given up on fad diets and other workout plans that promise way more than they deliver. With The Mr. PEC-Tacular Workout DVD, there are no fancy gimmicks. If you watch it over and over again and follow along with it 2-3 times a week, you should actually start to see real results in no time!”

The Mr. PEC-Tacular Workout DVD was produced by the fledgling production company, If The World Spins Productions, based out of New York City. Executive Producers of the DVD are veteran television producers Sonia Blangiardo and Rob “Bucky” Buchalter.

Sonia’s credits include being the Director and Producer of CBS’ As The World Turns, Line Producer and Coordinating Producer of ABC’s One Life To Live, and Associate Producer of ABC’s All My Children. She has won numerous prestigious Daytime Emmy Awards and has also directed the very successful, long-running Off-Broadway play, Boys Just Wanna Have Fun.

Rob “Bucky” Buchalter’s credits include being the Supervising Post Producer of MTV’s Room Raiders, Co-Creator and Producer of Sony’s Shipmates, Senior Producer of Paramount’s Judge Mills Lane Show, and Executive Producer of the new collegiate sports competition show for FOX Sports Net, Big Men On Campus. Over the past two decades, he has also created and co-created several show concepts as well as produced programming for every television show genre ranging from reality dating game shows to court shows to news shows to talk shows to comedy shows.
Sonia and Rob both feel that this project is one of their all-time favorites because it can potentially help so many people slim down, gain energy, build muscle, increase endurance, and most importantly, promote healthy exercise habits…all while watching an entertaining, fun, and unique Workout DVD starring two of television’s most popular and recognizable celebrities.

So, what are you waiting for? Put down that bag of salty chips and sugary soda.

Head on over to www.MrPEC-TacularDVD.com and purchase a copy of the debut edition of The Mr. PEC-Tacular Workout DVD series…and get ready to get healthy!


Above images and DVD copyright by IF THE WORLD SPINS PRODUCTIONS

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