Dre' Dillard


Photos by Danny Corn


Name: Andrea Dillard

Nickname and what most people know you as: Dre'

Birthdate: November 14

Birthplace: Captieux, France

Height: 5'5"

Contest weight: 133lbs.

Offseason: 170lbs

Current residence: Grand Prairie, Texas

Marital status: Single but involved with Joe Cherry, also a competitive bodybuilder.

First bodybuilding contest: 1998 "The LoneStar Classic" where I took 2nd place in the Middleweight Novice. Weighted 126 lbs.

Major wins: 1999 Texas State Championships, I won the overall titles and the heavyweight division.

Role models in bodybuilding: Vickie Gates is a wonderful person. She has been in this business for quite sometime and has never given up. She is not only a full time mother but she manages her career and Ronnie Coleman's.

Bodybuilders whose physiques you most admire: Lenda Murray, Vickie Gates, and Amy Pazzo. These women have the bodies that turn heads. They have managed to look like competitive BODYBUILDERS and still keep there femininity. These days, that is not easy to do.

Bodybuilders whose personalities you most admire: Vickie Gates; she took me under her wing and mentored me. Lenda Murray; when I first met her in her gym in Virginia Beach, VA, she sat down with me for 3 hours and answered any and everything that I asked. Lenda is totally an AWESOME woman. Lesa Lewis; she has a bubbly personality that can shine up a whole room no matter what type of mood she is in.

Biggest disappointment in career: When I came in 2nd place at the South Texas show this Aug. I believed that I could have won that show. I came in first in the Master's; but I really thought I had first place hands down in the Middleweight Novice. The young lady who beat me, Leighsa Bailey, has a wonderful physique, but I thought I had her beat.

Highlight in career: Winning Ms. Texas 2 weeks after the disappointment at the South Texas. I really had to re-evaluate my diet after that show. I knew I had 2 weeks to get harder. Hey, it paid off big time!

Best body part: Legs

Worst bodypart: None

Favorite exercise: Leg Press

Least favorite: Working my calves

Traits you admire most in yourself: I am a very dedicated individual. I think this stems from my military background. When set my mind to something, you better believe, it will get done. I expect that of others around me. If someone tells me that they are going to do something, I expect it to get done. My father is that way. When he says he is going to do something, you can bet your last $ that it will get done; and the beauty of it is that you never have to ask him about it.

Favorite TV shows: Reruns of Knots Landing, The Real World and Sex in the City

Favorite movies: Soldiers Story and The Green Mile Favorite

Favorite actress: Glenn Close

Favorite actor: Samuel L. Jackson / Robert DeNiro (it's a tie)

Favorite foods: Pizza and IHOP pancakes

What you like most about bodybuilding: Putting a posing routine together and hearing the crowds' response. I love being on stage...there is no other feeling like it.

What you dislike the most: The politics is hard to deal with at times.






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